Overhead is an Indie/Progressive/Rock band from Finland with a fresh and original sound.

Overhead's first release 'Zumanthum' (2002) was followed by the critically acclaimed 'Metaepitome' (2005) and the awaited third album titled 'And We're Not Here After All' (2008). The works, released by the French Musea, received excellent reviews, radio play and recognition around the globe. Each album broadened Overhead's style and took Overhead's own distinctive sound further, combining vintage and modern with the future.

The releases were followed with intensive touring, ensuring Overhead's place on the map. Overhead has played live in rock-clubs and festivals around Europe, such as ProgResiste Convention (Belgium), Prog'Sud (France) and pROCKfest (Germany) to name a few. The venues ranged from smaller clubs to the palace of The Sun King in Versailles, not forgetting the legendary Spirit of 66 in Belgium, where Overhead has been back by popular demand half a dozen times. All these shows were received fantastically.

In 2009 the band headed to Poland to play at the Prog Rock 2009 festival where Overhead's first DVD 'Live After All' was recorded, released in 2010 by the Polish Metal Mind. Following the release Overhead celebrated the 10th anniversary of the band with their longest tour yet, playing very successful shows around Europe.

In 2012, after three years of hard work, Overhead signed with the German Progressive Promotion Records to release the new masterpiece 'Of Sun and Moon'. An album that is lyrically themed with life/death duality, delivered with catchy melodies, dynamic beats and with the music ranging from Rock, Pop, Progressive and Metal, the album is diverse and intense! The album presented a noticeably more mature band with catchy hooks that still remains unpredictable and exciting at the same time. In the summer of 2013 the band toured around Europe again in support of the new album.

Overhead is currently writing and recording new songs and some new and exiting material will be released online soon!


Tarmo Simonen - Keyboards
Janne Pylkkönen - Bass
Alex Keskitalo - Vocals & flute
Jaakko Kettunen - Guitar
Ville Sjöblom - Drums