Overhead is a Progressive Rock band from Finland with a recognisable and unique sound. After a set of critically acclaimed albums and DVD's, Overhead are back with their long awaited fifth studio album titled Haydenspark!

The album is lyrically inspired by recent and current events in the world. The music features strong and catchy melodies and riffs, dynamic beats and is delivered with a Classic Rock sound. The music ranges from Rock, Prog and heavier riffs to more acoustic atmospheres, so the new album has a diverse and intense sound. Virtuosic guitar and drum work, groovy and strong bass lines and deeply emotional and melodic vocals are the tools to build the scenic music, where the atmosphere varies from melancholic to hard-hitting.

The band sounds it's absolute best on this album. Haydenspark combines the sound of the earlier albums with a new and exiting, more guitar-driven direction. The album presents a noticeably more experienced band with catchy hooks that still remains unpredictable and exciting at the same time.

Overhead began in 1999 and released a trilogy of studio albums: Zumanthum (2002), Metaepitome (2005) and And We're Not Here After All (2008). The works received excellent reviews, radio play and recognition around the globe.

The success of the albums led to the band touring in rock-clubs and festivals around Europe. The venues ranged from smaller clubs to the palace of The Sun King in Versailles, not forgetting the legendary Spirit of 66 in Belgium, where Overhead has been back by popular demand many times.

In 2009 the band headed to Poland where Overhead's first DVD Live After All was recorded. The band further supported the new album and DVD with their longest tour yet, playing very successful shows around Europe celebrating the 10th anniversary of Overhead.

In 2012 Overhead released Of Sun and Moon. The album defined the band's sound even further and was very well received by the fans and critics alike. The release was followed by more live dates and Overhead reached new territories playing festivals in the UK and in Italy for the first time. The show in Italy was also filmed and released as a DVD.

Now after years of hard work, and closing in on the band's 20-year mark, Overhead are back with the new album Haydenspark, sounding better than ever!


Jaakko Kettunen - Guitar
Ville Sjöblom - Drums
Alex Keskitalo - Vocals & flute
Janne Katalkin - Bass
Jere Saarainen - Keyboards